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Texas Dirt Work - Excavation & Demolition


Texas Custom Dirt Work offers a full range of DIRT WORK services including excavation, demolition, grading,  site preparation, arena work, trenching, drainage, gravel road repair and more.

Texas Dirt Work & Excavation Wolfforth TX

Dirt Work & Excavation

Whether you need it mounded, leveled sculpted or carved, we can move your dirt into any form you need it.  We can meet both commercial and residential needs for projects of any size and can fulfill most any excavation or dirt work needs.


Located in Wolfforth, Texas, we proudly serve the Lubbock and West Texas areas within 100 mile radius.  We provide top quality dirtwork and excavation services and great value for the dollar for:

  • General Excavation

  • Hauling and Materials

  • Finish GradeRough or

  • Land Clearing

  • Grade for Drainage

  • Erosion Control & Repair

  • Concrete or Asphalt Tear-Out

  • Driveways & Gravel Road

  • Property Clean-UpDemolition &

  • Landscape Removal

  • Grade for Construction

  • PoolExcavate for

  • Pads for BuildingFootings &

  • Backfill & More


Need a lot, driveway or road graded?   We make it smooth and easy


We can deliver a smoothly graded well-groomed surface that drains properly with minimal erosion exactly where and at the level you need it to be. We offer pad site preparation, lot clearing, dirt compacting, rough leveling and fine grading to get your property ready for paving, construction, landscaping, pool installation of whatever you need.

  • Concrete Foundation Preparation

  • Asphalt Paving Preparation

  • Building Pad Preparation

  • Site Clearing and Clean Up

  • Rough Grading and Backfill

  • Final Grading

  • Soil Compaction

  • Soil Stabilization

  • Erosion Control

  • Drainage and Swell Creation

Grading and Site Preperation in Lubbock and Wolfforth Texas
Demolition and Removal in Lubbock and Wolfforth Texas


Need It Gone?  We Can Tear it Down and Haul it Off.


We offer demolition services to tear down old homes, barns, sheds, buildings and warehouses that are no longer useful.  We can demolish and remove old structures safely and precisely without tearing up adjacent properties or structures. We can also remove old concrete, asphalt or gravel surfaces and replace them with ready-to-landscape lots or prepare them for some other form of construction.  We'll bring the right demolition equipment and leave a neat, clean worksite and complete your project right and on time.

  • Residential Building Demolition

  • Old Home Demolition

  • Commercial Building Demolition

  • Concrete & Asphalt Removal

  • Barn, Shed and Warehouse Demolition

  • Removal of Old Swimming Pools

Texas Dirt Company in Lubbock and Wolfforth TX


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